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Photo-editing Challenge

Mastering photography involves more than just being able to take a good picture, in my opinion about 40% of the work is in post processing. All the little adjustments to convert your photo in to an artistic masterpiece. This is a simple and fun photo-editing challenge. This challenge has been […]

30 Day Photography Challenge

New camera, check! You have read through your user manual from cover to cover, figured out what all the knobs and buttons for, watched dozens of videos online to understand the basics of the aperture triangle. You are now ready to go create masterpieces of photography in the wild, and […]

30 Day Photography Challenge

Ultimate Lens Nomenclature Guide

Lens manufacturers use many different suffixes to identify their lens characteristics. Lens nomenclature can be confusing especially to new photographers. They differ from lens manufacturers but essentially mean the same. Below is the ultimate lens nomenclature guide: NIKON AF-S: lens is using a Silent Wave Motor: For fast and quiet […]

It’s about the photographer, not the camera

Let me start off by stating that having a good camera and camera gear will definitely yield quality images, but in my opinion quality here refers to the sharpness and clarity of your image. The statement “It’s about the photographer, not the camera” is often shared by photographers and photography […]

It's about the photographer, not the camera

What to do when you can’t afford to buy a DSLR Camera

I am confident that aspiring photographers will agree with me that one of the biggest hindrances to buying that desired DSLR to take their photography to the next level is money, meaning you just can’t afford to buy a DSLR. DSLRs tend to be on the pricey side with most […]

DSLR Camera

Buying your first DSLR

Whether you are upgrading from a smartphone camera or a point and shoot, buying your first DSLR can be most confusing. There are so many varieties with almost similar specifications it is hard to tell them apart. I will share some points you will need to consider before buying your […]